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I couldn't believe my ears when driving to work this morning when the headline was That a young man was beaten and battered before being set on fire all because of his sexuality. I am utterly disgusted that this has happened in this day and age. And what's more, this has happened in the part of the world where I grew up in. It's little wonder that people still hide away in the closet. Any thoughts from others on this subject?
Ayrshire is a smallish part of the world outside of the metropolis known as Glasgow. Stuart Walker was only 28 years old. His life had only just begun. Nobody could imagine the terror that he was going through not only to be beaten senseless, but to then be set on fire. I only hope that he wasn't alive when that happened.
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I think its a terrible thing to happen to anyone regardless of their sexuality. According to the Strathclyde polis this afternoon there was no evidence that his being gay was the reason for it but whatever the reason its horrible. Let's hope they find and punish the perpetrators quickly.

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Here here. The people or person who did this does not belong in our society.
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