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We want your opinions on "The Scene" in the city of discovery. We have the the new KLOSET well, new but not if you get my drift!! And we have "OUT" whe the battered and bruised rainbow flag flies high above the streets. I doubt if anyone other than clubbers know what is!!
Then there is Brooklands bar unless it's changed it's name in the near past.
Bare in mind that we are the fourth largest Scottish city and that is the extent of our very existence. Once I retire from my current full time job, I would like to contribute to the community that welcomed me with open arms. What would you guys like to see? where would you like to see it? And who would you like to run it? I would like opinions in what type of establishment you would like. Would it be a coffe shop come book shop? A place where you could eat during the days or evenings? Possibly a bar? Let me hear your views. I have 5 years to plan

shaun the smurf

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Hi Newt,

It's exciting to hear that you are thinking of expanding the current number of LGBT (friendly) establishments in the 4th largest city in Scotland. I would like to see a coffee/book shop in Dundee. A place to come and chill while enjoying a nice wee cup o tea.

As for the current LGBT scene in Dundee which is constantly changing as you touched on, I think the student scene has a big effect on LGBT pub and club numbers. As a member of the LGBT community I recall going to the student quarter back in the late 90s and feeling very comfortable with who I was and being open about it. I hope the student scene is still open minded now about people being themselves. It would always be good to see something different available to the community like what you might be able to provide

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Hey Shaun.
I was actually thinking of that myself. This was my original idea but I thought with the big coffee come book shop it would be a waste of time. But since that has closed, then I think there is wee way in there. All I need to do now is identify a premises where it could happen. I'm sure we could have a coffee/tea shop with new and second hand books. I'm sure between Marley and Laurie we could fill a shop twice over lol. I remember a certain person not too far away who once had an alternative book shop, I'm thinking this would be a great idea as well, but then this may make it more specialist.......I'm not sure....have to think more on this. Thanks for putting this back at the forefront though. Cheers. Xx
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