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You can post to the message board in 2 ways.

  1. You can start a new topic - you can do this by selecting the 'new topic' link to the right side of the tools on the main message board.
  2. You can reply to an existing thread.  You do this by selecting 'reply' on the right hand side of a topic.
There are other things you can do. Below the area where you type your message you can post a poll - this lets you ask a question and get people to give you thir answer.

You can also upload a file by selecting 'manage attachments'.

I fully expect you will see a poll and a file when you read this message (fingers crossed!!!)

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You don't have to register to reply to posts - we are pleased if you do though.

And if you want to know when someone replies check the box 'subscribe to this thread' below.
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