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Everyone and their granny seems to be on holiday this week, but apart from that there are still very busy people working away in the Centre. I'm about to start fund raising for DV8 so if there are any activities that you want to do, or anything you want to see at the Centre, let me know and I can try and raise money for it. If you are a parent of an LGBT young person and want to talk about it or have a group to try to help you understand why? Then let me know as we can have the group discussions or one to one sessions. Remember, DV8 is for YOU, your families and your friends. Come on, give me some ideas for the activities that you want. This could be Art sessions, Poetry or creative writing nights, and.....I can take you all out for a bike ride!!!! post your ideas on the board and we can try our best to make it your own place. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
shaun the smurf

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Unfortunately I'm not on holiday this week but no biggy. Good idea Sandra about the DV8 club. Would be great to have people come into the centre and take part in activities whether sporting or recreational. Hopefully people will post some good suggestions on the message board.

I would like to see people come up to the centre at 1 Victoria Road and take part in a fun VIP (Violence Is Preventable) session based on LGBT issues.

Wonder what else might be suggested.


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Creative writing sounds good fun - and some things are easier to write about than talk about.  Once we have enough stuff together we could then make a wee book! Maybe someone would sponsor it

Here's an example of a short short.  It's less than 350 words long but tells a story.

My first big mistake

My first big mistake was developing one of those powerful teenage crushes on a lesbian.  Her sexual persuasion was not immediately apparent -- she was a ‘happily' married woman in her thirties with a child five years my junior.

To me, she was like one of those mothers who was also cool enough to be your best friend. Completely the opposite of my own mother.  She unashamedly massaged my fragile ego and expertly, over time, turned me against my family.  She groomed me to the point where she held the pivotal role in my adolescent life.

The crunch came when I managed to get myself molested by an older man.  I wasn't raped, but it was a close shave.  However, so ignorant was I of sexual matters that when my periods stopped (shock, no doubt) I was convinced I was pregnant.  He would have had to produce acrobatic sperm to impregnate me, but I really was clueless.  So I needed a shoulder to cry on, and an explanation of the birds and the bees -- and there she was.

That was the point at which she made a very subtle pass at me.

I didn't know what to do, so ignored it.  However, I went home that evening knowing I had a huge decision to make.  I had no desire to be sexually intimate with anyone, man or woman.  Young for my age, I'd not yet developed any awareness of sexual needs within me.  I was still a child in so many ways.

Yet I was also, now, extremely dependent on her. Over time, my friends had fallen by the wayside, one by one.  My mother didn't understand me -- my dad had never tried.

And, I still had that crush, that eagerness to please and desire to retain the fawning attention.

I lay all night pondering on my choices. 

Then the next day I made my second big mistake.


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That was brilliant short story. There are so many questions left unanswered and the ultimate..........What was the second mistake? This a great example of creative writing and I was thinking that some day we could get a lot of them group them together and get them published too, this may help others to understand how it actually feels to be "different". So come on times dates when you all want to meet up, or post here to tell us what you want, when you want it!!! Reading group, film group, dvd nights, talking night, fun night out ? Here are more ideas for you to get your head around......ANy takers??
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